California traffic tickets

Child Safety Seats

This law extends a requirement that children under 2 years old must sit in an appropriate rear-facing child passenger restraint system, unless he or she is more than 40 pounds, or is taller than 40 inches, according to Assembly Bill 53. The bill, which was signed in 2015, expanded the existing law, which stated that [...]

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DUI ‘Ignition’ Interlock Devices

Senate Bill 1046 would extend a pilot program that requires most convicted DUI drivers to install ignition interlock devices -- also referred to as IIDs -- that would prevent them from operating a motor vehicle while under the influence. Under the law, the offender be  able obtain a restricted driver's license, have their license reissued, [...]

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Vehicle Registration Fee Increase

Starting April 1, the vehicle registration fee on every vehicle or trailer coach will rise to $53, an increase of $10. The increase is part of Senate Bill 838.

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