CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) Traffic Tickets

Commercial Drivers – CDL Holders

If you have a CDL (Commercial Driviers License) and were issued a traffic infraction or misdemeanor in California, it is crucial that you fight and win your charge(s) because your job may be at risk!

You will need an experienced California Traffic Ticket Lawyer to handle your traffic ticket if you are a commercial driver because too much is it risk including DMV points, Possible License Suspension, High Fines, and Insurance Premium increases.

We receive many calls from CDL holders who have been speeding over the 55MPH safe speed designated for Commercial Drivers on major highways in California.  Speeding tickets are the most common type of traffic infraction issued to commercial drivers.  Tickets for CDL drivers usually have higher than average fines and carry 1 ½ points that go on your DMV record which is why it’s so important to retain an experienced California traffic ticket lawyer to win your traffic infraction.   In addition to this, commercial drivers are not allowed to take traffic school for tickets (unless they receive the ticket in their personal vehicle).

Furthermore, it is important to know that California is a part of an Interstate Driver’s License Compact (DLC), meaning that any traffic ticket (infraction) you receive is automatically reported from one state to another. Many of our clients are CDL drivers and we take their cases very seriously because we know what is at stake for them including their livelihood.   Often times, getting one more ticket (of any kind) can lead to the loss of their job.  If you are a CDL driver with any type of traffic ticket (infraction or misdemeanor), we will do everything possible in our legal power to beat that ticket and keep those points off your record.

As a commercial driver we understand that you spend a lot of time on the road and are held to a higher standard than normal drivers.  Our lawyers understand that this greatly increases your risk of receiving traffic tickets.  The lawyers at California traffic tickets understand this and because of this we fight hard for our CDL clients, since losing your case could cost you your livelihood!


California Traffic Tickets has an 80% Success Rate at Winning Traffic Tickets For Commercial Drivers!