Red Light Tickets

Red-Light Tickets and Red-Light Camera Tickets are the second most common ticket that we deal with at CA Traffic Tickets.  We literally deal with red-light tickets every day here and our traffic lawyers have successfully dismissed thousands of red light tickets and red light camera tickets all throughout California.   When it comes to red-light camera tickets, people call us on a daily basis frustrated and angry over the high fines these tickets carry as well as the fact that they are often unjustly given.  Red-light tickets are one of the most expensive tickets not only in California, but also in the entire country!  That is one reason why we need to fight back.


Red-Light Camera Tickets


Local municipalities in California contract with private for-profit corporations to install and operate red-light cameras.  One of the largest of these corporations is based out of Arizona!  99% of people who get red-light camera tickets simply rollover and pay these outrageous fines.  They see the photos and/or video and think that there is no way out of such a ticket.  And the camera company and the city make a killing off of us. However, red-light camera tickets are one of the easiest tickets to fight—and win—if you know what you are doing.


The average cost for a red-light camera ticket in most other states ranges from $50-$150.
“Experts say there is little chance that the penalty assessments will stop increasing because it’s an attractive source of revenue for state and county governments.  A 2006 report by the California Research Bureau, which studies issues for the governor and Legislature, estimated that traffic violations bring in more than $500 million per year.”


According to the Judicial Council of California, in 1993, a red-light camera ticket cost $103.  In 2003, it cost $340. Red-light camera tickets currently cost $490-$525!  Most of these increased fees are earmarked for various city projects like courthouse construction!



What most people do not know is that these red-light cameras must adhere to strict rules and regulations set by state law in order for these tickets to be valid, or to “stick”.  If the cameras fail to comply perfectly with these rules, it is usually grounds for a full dismissal.  Furthermore, when we challenge these tickets, the state must prove that the cameras followed this list of prerequisites perfectly in order for these tickets to even be admissible.  It is important to remember that in all of this, the burden of proof is not for us to prove that you are innocent, rather the burden of proof is on the camera company and officiating officer to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (1) they followed all the set rules perfectly, and (2) that the person named on the ticket is the same individual in the little photos on the ticket. This proves to be far more difficult than you may think.  At CA Traffic Tickets, our attorneys have developed a number of different defenses to fight these camera tickets.


But I was not the driver!


It is very common that the person cited for the ticket was not the person driving the car. These are one of the easiest scenarios to beat. The burden of proof is for them to prove that the person named on the ticket is the same as the person in the photos.  They obviously cannot prove this.  We have developed solid arguments that usually result in a full dismissal for such situations.


But the pictures clearly show me!


Even if you are the driver and the pictures seem to clearly indicate guilt, we can still fight these and win.  Again, it is because these camera tickets are unlike other tickets where an officer eye witnessed the event at the time.  Because these cameras systems have so many weaknesses and vulnerabilities they thus have many more points we can attack.  Our attorneys have extensively studied and created solid legal defense strategies and found sufficient case law to get even the most seemingly difficult camera tickets dismissed.  Basically, we challenge them and put them on trial!  Our traffic ticket lawyers have won thousands of red light camera ticket cases!  Here is what one recent client had to say after we won her red-light camera ticket:

Honestly, it was worth every penny and again, I would have posted [the review] with no incentive.  Even had I lost, I still would have appreciated the effort.  I was a little concerned because I had been given an extension prior to contacting you.  Really, if they weren’t such ridiculous as far as the fine, I think more people would just let it go.  Come on $500 AND a point on your record using a camera.  It’s just wrong.


My boyfriend was VERY skeptical – it was so much fun to wave the “not guilty” form at him when he came home from work last evening…. It took them less than a week for them to find me “not guilty”!  Thank you both very much.  Another happy customer sending you referrals!!


C. Sequiera, Redwood CA

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The lawyer that handles your case will begin by studying the photos and video of the incident to help determine the best defense for your situation.  Then we have you write down your story and tell us everything that you remember about the incident.  The lawyer will incorporate this into the defense as well.  Sometimes the most seemingly insignificant details can be, in fact, key.  But if the “facts” seem to work against you, we focus more on using the law the fight the law.  Because of the unique nature of these camera tickets, we often beat these tickets regardless of the circumstances…or we refund your money back!

California Traffic Tickets has an 80% Success Rate at Winning our cases!