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Sierra County Traffic Ticket Lawyers

The traffic ticket lawyers at California Traffic Tickets can fight and win Sierra County traffic tickets. Don’t just pay your Sierra County traffic ticket fine.

Save Time since you will NOT have to appear in the Sierra County traffic ticket court.

Save Money on insurance hikes and you won’t have to pay the Sierra County traffic ticket fine.

Save DMV Points from going on your record and prevent driver’s license suspension from the Sierra County traffic ticket court by allowing our Sierra County traffic ticket lawyers win your California traffic ticket.

Sierra County courthouse(s) we handle:

Sierra County is located in the Sierra Nevada range, northeast of Sacramento and bordering the State of Nevada. It has a popultaion of 3240, as of 2010. Downieville serves as the county seat and is also the location of the county’s lone courthouse.  Loyalton is the only incorporated city in the county.


Sierra County was formed in 1852  from parts of Yuba County. The county is named after the Sierra Nevada. The area was home to both the Maidu and the Washoe peoples before the start of the California Gold rush. More than 16,000 miners settled in Sierra County between 1848-1860 during the Gold Rush. After the gold fever has died down, many gold mining towns were abandoned and only a few settlements such as Downieville and Sierra City remained.

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