Stop Sign Tickets

Stop sign tickets are a common moving violation that we fight and win on a regular basis.  Stop sign ticket fines have significantly increased over the years in California.  Ten years ago, a stop sign ticket was $130.  Now the average fine is $238 or more.  Stop sign tickets also carry one point that goes on your DMV driving record, which in turn is reported to your insurance carrier.  This will normally increase your rates for the next 3-5 years!


But How Can We Win A Stop Sign Ticket?


Our traffic ticket attorneys have a number of different successful defense strategies depending on your particular situation.  The officer that gave the citation has relied solely on his/her personal (subjective) visual estimation, usually from a good distance away or around a corner, and proving your guilt can be more challenging than most people think.  In this sense, the law is on your side since you have the Constitutional right that: 1) an accused is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and 2) the government has the burden of proving that an accused has committed the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt.


It is important to remember, that in all of this, the burden of proof is NOT on us to necessarily prove that you are innocent, but rather for the officer to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. that you are guilty of every element of the alleged violation.  Again, we don’t necessarily need to prove that you are innocent, but rather to create enough reasonable doubt. that you violated that specific vehicle code.  If we can find one weak link in the chain, the whole case against you will fall apart due to insufficient evidence.


There are many circumstantial factors that create enough reasonable doubt to get the ticket fully dismissed.  For example, officers often make mistakes of judgment when people stop early and then creep up and over the line.  The location of the officer is also crucial.  There could be other circumstances that impeded the visibility of the sign—either of the driver or the officer, such as a tree, a truck, or school bus.  These examples—and many more—are part of the arsenal that our attorneys will use in fighting your stop sign ticket.


California Traffic Tickets has an 80% Success Rate at Winning our cases!