Traffic Ticket For Non-Residents


California Traffic Tickets For Non-Residents Or Out Of State Drivers


All 50 states are now part of a compact court system. What this means for you is that any traffic ticket you receive in California can now automatically show up on your home states driver’s license.  Since California is a a member of the Non-resident Violators Compact System, you must not disregard any California Traffic Ticket that you receive.  If you do so, you run the risk of accumulating points and increasing insurance rates in your home state.  Failure to appears will also cause the fine to greatly increase and also affect your credit report once it goes to a collections company.

It is important that you fight any traffic infractions that you receive in the state of California and with the help of our experienced California traffic ticket lawyers you have a greater chance of winning those traffic infractions and misdemeanors.  Many of our traffic ticket clients are from other states who are visiting California when they received their tickets.  We have been able to dismiss thousands of traffic tickets and many of them have been for non-residents of California.  The other great benefit of using us is that you will NOT need to travel back to Califronia since our lawyers will be able to handle everything WITHOUT your presence in court.

If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay!