California Traffic Tickets

Some traffic felonies can be negotiated down to misdemeanors, some traffic misdemeanors can be negotiated down to infractions, and some traffic infractions can be dismissed. In fact, all traffic offenses can be dismissed with the right attorney.

Whenever a traffic law is broken, it is categorized as either an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony. Speeding tickets can be classified as any of those three, depending on the speed, the context of the surrounding, if there was injury, and if there were intoxicants involved.

California Traffic Tickets (CATT) specializes in fighting and winning all moving violations in the state of California, and we are exclusive in offering a Guaranteed Refund–We Win or It’s Free!* California carries some of the most expensive tickets in the country.


Most traffic tickets are called Infraction Violations, which are typically broken down into three categories:
1. Pedestrian Violations, such as jaywalking.
2. Non-Moving Violations, such as not wearing a seat belt.
3. Moving Violations, such as speeding.

Traffic infractions are civil penalties. Paying your ticket by the due date (or appearance date) written on your ticket will automatically result in a $300 fine (on top of your ticket fine) and a suspension of your driver’s license. After this, your ticket will be sold off to a collection agency that will keep a hold on your license until all outstanding fines are paid. That what makes us a traffic ticket lawyer like no other.

At CATT, we specialize in fighting all moving violations, and some non-moving violations, such as seat belt and cell phone tickets. All traffic infractions carry one point that goes on your driving record with the DMV. If you live in another state, getting a point in California will follow you and translate into the existing point system in your state, since we are on a compact court system.

Some tickets carry two points, and stay on your record for 10 years! Points on your DMV record are what cause your insurance rates to increase, even double.


Some moving violations are traffic misdemeanors, which are considered serious criminal violations, and carry much harsher consequences such as up to one year in jail, high fines, license suspension, vehicle impoundment, and probation.

Some common misdemeanor traffic violations are driving without a license (or on a suspended license), reckless driving, DUI, and some cases driving over 100 mph. Misdemeanors require mandatory appearances by the defendant, but can be represented by a licensed attorney. If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, it is highly recommended that you hire a competent attorney that specializes in California traffic law to get you the best possible outcome.


Almost all traffic violations are considered infractions, a select few are considered misdemeanors, but even fewer are considered felonies. Only the most serious traffic violations are considered felonies, including hit and run with serious bodily injury or property damage and DUI charges.

A skilled traffic ticket lawyer can negotiate down to lesser convictions in most circumstances, so a client with a felony DUI might plead guilty to a misdemeanor reckless driving and receive court mandated punishment. Most felonies can be negotiated unless the traffic violation was particularly serious.

If convicted on felony traffic violation charges, drivers will have to deal with the consequences related to that charge which have life changing effects. It is recommended that any driver charged with felony traffic offense in California contact a traffic ticket lawyer immediately.

California Traffic Tickets

We specialize in fighting all California traffic tickets including:
Speeding tickets with a laser or radar
Red light tickets
Stop sign tickets
Cell phone tickets
Reckless driving
All other moving violations

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Always consult with a traffic attorney before you make any decisions regarding your traffic ticket.