VC 22450 (a) – Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign

VC 22450 (a) The driver of any vehicle approaching a stop sign at the entrance to, or within, an intersection shall stop at a limit line, if marked, otherwise before entering the crosswalk on the near side of the intersection.

Stop sign tickets for violating California Vehicle Code 22450 VC are one of the main types of traffic tickets issued by the local police and sheriffs.  These are one of the most common tickets that we fight.

The fine amount for CVC 22450 is $238

In California VC 22450 carries one DMV point which stays on your driving record for 3 years.  Each DMV point costs approximately $750 in increased insurance premiums over 3 years plus the cost of the fine amount.

The total cost if you just pay your ticket for VC 22450 could be $988 or more.

This is why you should NOT simply pay the fine for VC 22450 and plead guilty.