California Speeding Tickets

Speeding Tickets in California

Speeding tickets are the #1 ticket issued in California, and often carry expensive fines and DMV points. You should consider hiring a traffic ticket lawyer for a speeding ticket if you cannot afford the fines or long-term costs from increased insurance premiums.

Speeding tickets in California cost between $245 and $480 for all costs including the fine, the court fees and processing fees. A speeding fine will be higher for higher speeds.

Can You Beat a Speeding Ticket?

Have you been charged with a speeding ticket in California?  Even if the officer used laser or radar device, our speeding ticket lawyers know how to fight and undermine the reliability of these devices using proven legal defense strategies and strong case-law. We are experienced in fighting speeding tickets, as they’re the most common ticket we handle.

In fact, we have won thousands of speeding ticket cases, and you can see some of the California Speeding Ticket Reviews on our Facebook page located here:

People often ask us how we fight speeding tickets, especially those where the driver appears to be guilty. We have a 2-step process that doubles your chances at winning and this is one of the reason we have one of the highest true win rates in California at 80% percent.

How California Traffic Tickets Fight & Win Speeding Tickets

We begin by having each client take a few minutes and fill out a “Speeding Ticket Defense Form” that we provide, where they answer some basic questions about the incident when they got the speeding ticket itself.

We also request that you tell us your story in writing for the speeding ticket lawyer to review. We hope to find anything that can be used to help with the defense strategies. Seemingly irrelevant things can often be very significant to the legitimacy and accuracy of speed measurement devices.

For example, were there any power lines in the area that could have affected the radar measuring device? Our attorney takes everything into consideration and incorporates all relevant information into your speeding ticket defense.

Further, our lawyers have many proven legal strategies that call into question whether the officer can prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that you are guilty of the exact speed he/she cited you for.

This often proves to be more difficult for the officer than you may think. In this sense, the law is on your side since you have the Constitutional right that:

1. An accused is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and
2. The government has the burden of proving that an accused has committed the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Our lawyers can request that the officer proves that the machine was tested and calibrated correctly, within the proper time-period, and used in the proper manner.  Moreover, the officer must be certified properly and trained in using the speed measuring device.  Most of our clients are not aware that a lot of rules must be followed precisely for a speeding ticket to be admissible and “stick”.   If there is a way to beat this ticket, we will find it.  When you allow us to fight, and win your speeding ticket, you do not have to ever go to court, you save money, prevent point accumulation, prevent insurance hikes, and do not have to waste your time going to driving school.

Two Kinds of Speeding Tickets: Fixed Maximum and Prima Facie

Speed limit violations come in two kinds: fixed maximum and prima facie. The fixed maximum limit (e.g. 65 MPH) indicates that it is unlawful to exceed the posted speed limit at anytime and anywhere. The prima facie, on the other hand, gives drivers the liberty to justify the speed of their driving as safe and lawful. Our California Speeding Ticket Lawyers use excellent strategies and case-law to win speeding infractions and misdemeanors throughout the entire state of California.

Common Speeding Tickets and Fines

VC 22348(b): Speeding in excess of 100 mph ($880-$900)

VC 22349(a/b): Unsafe speed, 1 to 15 mph over the limit ($214-$237)

VC 22349(a/b): Unsafe speed, 16 to 25 mph over the limit ($360-$400)

VC 22349(a/b): Unsafe speed, 26+ mph over the limit ($480-$550)

VC 22350: Unsafe speed, 1 to 15 mph over the limit ($234-$300)

VC 22350: Unsafe speed, 16 to 25 mph over the limit ($360-$400)

VC 22350: Unsafe speed, 26+ mph over the limit ($480-$550)

Speeding Ticket for CDL Drivers

Speeding tickets are the most common type of ticket given to commercial drivers. Tickets for CDL drivers usually have higher than average fines and carry 1 and a half points that go on your DMV record.

These tickets are a professional hardship for commercial drivers.

Commercial drivers are not allowed to take traffic school for tickets (unless they got the ticket in their personal vehicle). Furthermore, it is important to know that California is a part of a compact court system, meaning that any traffic ticket you receive will transfer from one state to another.

Many of our clients are CDL drivers, and we take their cases very seriously because we understand what’s a stake for them. Often times, getting one more ticket (of any kind) can lead to the loss of their job. If you are a CDL driver with any kind of ticket, we will do everything in our legal power to beat that ticket and keep those points off your record.

California Airplane Speeding Tickets

The California Highway Patrol is currently making extensive use of airplanes to spot people speeding. The Nevada border is being watched for vehicles speeding from Los Angeles, CA to Las Vegas, NV, as well as certain parts of San Diego. If an airplane spots a speeder on the ground, a CHP officer is radioed and will issue you a speeding ticket. However, it is important to ask how your speed was measured.

The officer in the plan cannot measure your speed from the air, otherwise this may be against the speed trap law and getting a full dismissal is very likely.  The officer on the ground needs to confirm the airplanes indication with secondary confirmation, such as a laser or radar.