U Turn Tickets

U-Turn tickets are a common moving violation that we fight and win on a regular basis. U-Turn tickets generally come with a fine of $238 or more. These tickets also carry one point that goes on your DMV driving record, which in turn is reported to your insurance carrier. This will normally increase your rates for the next 3-5 years!

But How Can We Win A U-Turn Ticket?

What most drivers don’t realize is that a U-Turn is not just one single, simple violation. The California Vehicle Code lists over 15 different types of U-Turns and U-Turn prohibitions! Each one is different and may require its own unique defense. Many of these alleged violations are given out to drivers incorrectly simply because the citing officer doesn’t fully know all these laws!


Our attorneys will find out which vehicle code you have allegedly violated, take into account your side of the story, research the exact location of the incident, apply any relevant case law, and create a solid defense for your situation. The law is on your side since you have the Constitutional right that: 1) an accused is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and 2) the government has the burden of proving that an accused has committed the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt. Thus it is important to remember that in all of this, the burden of proof is NOT necessarily on us to prove that you are innocent, but rather for the officer to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of every element of the alleged violation. If you were incorrectly given a U-Turn ticket, we can fight it and win. We can even win tickets that were issued in an alleged “business district”. Basically, if there is a way to beat your ticket, our attorneys will find it!

California Traffic Tickets has an 80% Success Rate at Winning our cases!