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Del Norte County Traffic Ticket Lawyers

The traffic ticket lawyers at California Traffic Tickets can fight and win Del Norte County traffic tickets. Don’t just pay your Del Norte County traffic ticket fine.

Save Time since you will NOT have to appear in the Del Norte County traffic ticket court.

Save Money on insurance hikes and you won’t have to pay the Del Norte County traffic ticket fine.

Save DMV Points from going on your record and prevent driver’s license suspension from the Del Norte County traffic ticket court by allowing our Del Norte County traffic ticket lawyers win your California traffic ticket.

Del Norte County courthouse(s) we handle:

Del Norte County is located at the far northwest corner of the U.S. state of California on the Pacific. Del Norte had a population of 28,610 as of the 2010 census. Crescent City, the only incorporated city and largest community in the county also serves as the County seat. Del Norte comes from the shortened Spanish nickname for “la tierra del norte” which means the land of the north. Del Norte County one courthouse in Crescent City.

Much of the county is dominated by steep terrain with limited patches of flat terrain near the coastlines and isolated mountain valleys. The rural county is also notable for forests containing giant Coast Redwoods, with the largest specimens over 350 feet (110 m). The county has scores of unique plants and flowers, dozens of species of coastal birds and fish, rocky primitive beaches and sea stacks, pristine rivers, and historic lighthouses. Del Norte is also known for being the location of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film which supposedly depicts a Bigfoot caught on camera, as well as being the location of some of the forest scenes used in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

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