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Modoc County Traffic Ticket Lawyers

The traffic ticket lawyers at California Traffic Tickets can fight and win Modoc County traffic tickets. Don’t just pay your Modoc County traffic ticket fine.

Save Time since you will NOT have to appear in the Modoc County traffic ticket court.

Save Money on insurance hikes and you won’t have to pay the Modoc County traffic ticket fine.

Save DMV Points from going on your record and prevent driver’s license suspension from the Modoc County traffic ticket court by allowing our Modoc County traffic ticket lawyers win your California traffic ticket.

Modoc County courthouse(s) we handle:

Modoc County is on the far northeast corner of California, with a shape that is the only almost perfectly rectangular in the county.  It has a population of 9,686 as of 2010.  Alturas, the only incorporated city also serves as the county seat, and the site of the only courthouse in the county.


It is also one of three counties that border more than one state (the other counties being San Bernardino County, bordered by Nevada and Arizona; and Imperial County which borders Arizona and Baja California in Mexico).  A large part of Modoc is federal land and numerous federal agencies have employees and operations in the area, which forms a significant part of the economy of the county.

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